Charlotte Russe

I used my NY Times Cookbook recipe and topped it with a raspberry sauce (1 package frozen raspberries, some water, 1/2 cup sugar, splash lemon juice. boil. strain, serve.)

The recipe requires soft Lady Fingers (not the kind for Tiramisu, get the ones from Trader Joe’s).

Your choice of liqueur:  Kirsch is traditional, I used Chambord, but I would like to use Creme de Cassis next time.  Maybe add some fresh berries to it rather than use a sauce.  To be honest, you couldn’t really taste the Chambord flavor in the custard, which was actually  nice in a way,  very understated.

Traditionally the Lady Fingers are to be placed on the sides and top, but I couldn’t get them to stay that way so I improvised.  I placed them on the top and bottom only.  I wrapped the sides with waxed paper until it was to be eaten to keep the custard from drying out.  It’s important to make sure there aren’t any gaps between the Lady Fingers, as you can see what happens down below (custard seeps through).



Basically, you make an egg-yolk custard, add softened gelatin and liqueur.  Fold in whipped heavy cream.  Assemble in a mold (I used a cake pan) and refrigerate for a few hours.  Un-mold and serve.



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