Mama’s Lamb Roast

step 1 buy a lamb roast , preferably an Australian lamb roast, remove the netting and trim the fat

step 2  put it in an oiled cast iron skillet

step 3 squeeze the juice of a lemon over the roast, then sprinkle a few tbsp of flour over it

                as mama says :  when you trim the fat off the leg of lamb and rub it with lemon and dredge with flour, it cuts the grease, makes a natural gravy, and freshens the taste…

step 4 roast in the oven using whatever temperature-time method you prefer.  It generally works at about 400 degrees at 20 minutes per pound of meat.

Step 5 enjoy

Serve as you like, or over steamed Basmati rice with yogurt and salad.  You can used the leftovers to make Gormeh Sabzi, Shep’s Pie, or stew.


One thought on “Mama’s Lamb Roast

  1. ia says:

    bake the lamb roast at 325… slow cooking tastes bettah…
    also, DREDGE is the word… for sprinkling it with flour— after the lemon juice sousing… yo momma

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