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Beer & Chocolate Pairs

It all started at Mt. Tam Watershed:  Sam Adams Coastal Wheat and Dark Chocolate.  “Taste the beer with the chocolate” turned into  “OMG! we need to have a beer & chocolate pairing party!”  After researching beer and chocolate pairings, I discovered that amber ale goes with raspberry dark chocolate  and that any porter/stout goes well with dark chocolate.  After a real-life attempt, I’m less convinced of this.  There are oh-so-many ways to go wrong in the beer aisle!  Please learn from the wisdom of the practiced:

We had a beer & chocolate pairing party and discovered two AMAZING pairs  of pearls among swine. (I know)

The first: La Fin Du Monde  & Eclipse Chocolat Sea-salt Nib (vegan-friendly chocolate)

The chocolate:  Lavender sea-salt

The beer: I don’t know

The pair: Mickey Mouse orange creamsicle

The Second: Diabhal Belgian Style Golden Strong Ale Fermented with Honey & Jade Chocolates MaHaL indonesian cinnamon ylang ylang coconut

The chocolate: I don’t know

The beer: Honey Goodness

The pair: pineapple!


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