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Everything Cabbage

I love cabbage, but I generally don’t eat it if it’s not in coleslaw. How could I have gone so astray?  It’s the most versatile food: a vegetable with a mild flavor and crunch, and is good to your stomach lining (good for me).  Inspired by a TLC special on extreme diets (one raw-food dieter used zucchini as a substitute for pasta) combined with my love of coleslaw, last week I decided to use cabbage instead of noodles and haven’t looked back since (of course, we’ll see how long I can last on cabbage + random ingredient).

For me, the largest detriment to eating raw vegetables is that they are cold, and I need warm and snuggly food in my life! I found a way to overcome this obstacle: heat up the cabbage yet maintain it’s crunch (see Leah’s Udon).

Here is an ongoing list of tossings for hot cabbage (I’ll add more as I think of them):

  • Salt and pepper (classic)
  • Cilantro pesto, basil pesto,etc.
  • Indian curry/korma sauce (from Trader Joe’s)–Add it to the hot pan and sizzle it up!
  • Lolita’s Hot Sauce with sour cream on the side
  • Yogurt-garlic-dill sauce and fried crushed red pepper (Red and White Sauce)

For Cold Cabbage:

  • Dressing: coleslaw, blue cheese, miso, spicy peanut dressing, etc.
  • Salt, black pepper, olive oil, a squeeze of lemon (next to a fried egg, yum)
  • make Blue-Herb Slaw
  • Peruvian Aji Sauce

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