Bored Phase and Rant

This always happens to me.  I get bored with my food.  Of course, this is a good thing because it forces me to think more creatively with what I make, but it’s like: why can’t I just love my staples forever?  They’re so good, but I just can’t eat them every week.


At least I’m not so bored that I’m going to start using expensive ingredients like truffle oil just to spice it up.  I hate that shit.  It’s like the only thing that’s different about the same old recipe is using a more expensive form of the same thing, or adding garbanzo beans.  So lame-o!  We’re not stupid, we know it’s the same recipe!

We’ll see, perhaps I should challenge myself to make more vegetarian meals, and by vegetarian I mean more vegetables and less starch & meat.  Lately, it’s been mostly rice and meat, my mother would be so ashamed of me!  Though it’s probably a subconscious retaliation against the 70% vegetable diet of my youth.

Still, something has to change to get me out of this funk.  I can’t wait to see what it is!


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