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Swedish Breakfast Sandwiches

This is what a good Swedish friend would eat (usually) in the morning.  Don’t be deceived by it’s simple nature, the sweetness of the bell pepper goes so well with the cheese and meat.  I know that I shouldn’t be using Trans-Fatty margarine, but I’m so used to the margarine flavor in this sandwich I can’t go to butter.  I know that there’s healthy, non trans-fat margarine out there, but I’m sticking to the bad stuff here–to reminisce days of aulde lang syne.


  • Margarine, or softened butter
  • Turkey breast deli meat
  • Monterey Jack cheese
  • Dark bread, Pumpernickel or dark wheat bread
  • Red bell pepper, thinly sliced


For breakfast, set out each ingredient so you can graze.  Usually eaten open faced, I’ve also made these sandwiches ahead of time (as closed sandwiches) and taken them on a fishing trip, they were cheap, easy, and a great success.  Don’t skip the margarine, it’s essential!

This is the conventional, open-faced sandwich:

  1. Spread the margarine on a piece of bread.
  2. Top with turkey, cheese, and bell pepper slices.

You can mix-n-match what goes on your bread slice: turkey, cheese, bell pepper.  If you want to make a larger breakfast, boil a few eggs, put out jam, slice up an apple, and put on the coffee.

What else?

These are very versatile– they’re sandwiches after all!  You can make them yourself at breakfast, make mini versions for party apps, and make closed versions for picnics and treks.


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